Mining Industry

Mining is extracting valuable material from the Earth for its economic value. These materials are mostly related to energy and raw materials for the manufacturing industry. Mining has a long history in human civilization. Mining activities take place in remote places, so everything must be portable. 

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Containers for Mining

The mining industry requires special storage places to facilitate the processing of mining products to the logistics stage. This storage must be considered so as not to cause damage to the environment around the mine.  

There are a lot of other mining activities that require a portable unit to support their operation. For this, we have a series of containers that can help the exploration process. First, we have Coalbin Container that can carry ores. Then we have a porta camp that provides basic human needs like a bedroom, toilet, and kitchen. We also have Half Height containers that can carry heavy high-density items with low volume. 

Tradecorp is one of the market leaders in providing containerized solutions not only in the United States but Globally. With over 35 years in operation and more than 100 container professionals in the business, Tradecorp will be sure to handle your request to the highest level. Tradecorp can offer outright purchase, leasing, sale-leaseback, lease purchase, fleet management, and disposal options for all container types.   

However, where Tradecorp excels is working with clients to design and manufacture custom container types that improve efficiencies for our client's businesses that are not currently available in the market.  

open top container
intermodal container usa

Flat Rate

open top container

Open Tops

side door container

Side Open Containers

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53' HC Containers

bulker containers

Bulk Containers

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Coal Bin Container

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Refrigerator Containers

Half height containers

Half Height Containers

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20' & 45' Pallet Wide Containers

military containers

Military Storage Containers

After 35 Years, Tradecorp Continues To Supply Solutions To Our Global Customers

If you want to lease flat rack, open top containers, side open containers, pallet wide containers, 53' HC containers, half height containers, coal bin, bulker, reefer, and military containers, then Tradecorp is the right company for you. Tradecorp is a specialist company that has been leasing and selling various containerized products for over than 35 years, such as new & used shipping containers, refrigerated containers, general-purpose containers, offshore DNV containers, and open-top containers, flat rack containers, bulkers, tank containers, etc. Contact Tradecorp if you require a quality flat racks, open tops, side open containers, pallet wide containers, 53' HC containers, half height containers, coal bin, bulker, reefer, and military containers.