Coal Bin Containers

Coal bin containers are one of our intermodal container products. Coal bins are customized shipping containers with special features for loading and storing coal. Coal is one of the main mining products and it must be stored in a special container. Special features of the Coal Bin include an open top, special door locking mechanism to keep the coal safe and a drainage system to make sure water flows out of the container.

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Coal Bin Containers

This unit is available in 20 ft & 40ft sizes with doors on all sides. This allows the cargo to be unloaded efficiently. This type of container helps increase the efficiency of coal mining operations and projects that need a steady supply of coal.

In addition to a door that can be opened and closed from all sides, a drainage system is used to prevent water from accumulating inside the container. The water contained in the coal will flow out of this drainage system. With this method, the total weight of coal obtained during the weighing process is close to the actual weight as most of the water in the cargo has already been drained from the container.

Why Choose Our
Coal Bin Containers?

Our containers have many features and benefits and are suitable for those who are in the coal mining business. The advantages we have are:

  • Effective and Efficient - This container has 6 doors that can be opened during the unloading process, saving unloading time and making your work faster and more effective.
  • Drainage System - This unit has a floor fitted with an adequate drainage system to prevent water build-up inside the container, ensuring that the weight of the coal received is the actual weight.
  • Durable - Manufactured from Corten steel & Stainless steel, the container is weather and corrosion resistant, even when exposed to sunlight, rain, wind and corrosive coal. Therefore, it can be used for a long time and is easy to clean.
  • Secure - Equipped with a secure locking feature, you can rest assured that your cargo will remain safe until you reach your destination without worrying about it discharging.
  • Intermodal Transportation - These containers are intermodal, it means they can be transported using different modes of transportation such as trucks, trains and ships.
coal bin containers

Coal Bin Containers

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