Cold Chain Industry

Cold chain is a supply chain system that delivers highly sensitive products to temperature fluctuation. The cold supply chain purpose is to maintain the quality of cold or frozen products throughout the whole storage, transportation, and sales process. 

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Cold Chain Containers?

The growth potential of the cold chain industry in the US is enormous, especially in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, poultry, beef, and seafood industries. The potential of growth is driven by an increasing number of e-commerce users who are now more likely to choose to shop online, including for basic needs such as groceries, beverages, and supplements.  

To maintain product quality, special containers that can keep a stable temperature are required to prevent damage. Tradecorp offers various types of containers for the cold chain industry to keep things fresh for consumers. 

Tradecorp is one of the market leaders in providing containerized solutions not only in the United States but Globally. With over 35 years in operation and more than 100 container professionals in the business, Tradecorp will be sure to handle your request to the highest level. Tradecorp can offer outright purchase, leasing, sale-leaseback, lease purchase, fleet management, and disposal options for all container types.  

However, where Tradecorp excels is working with clients to design and manufacture custom container types that improve efficiencies for our client's businesses that are not currently available in the market.  

20' Refrigerated Containers
intermodal container usa

Flat Rate

open top container

Open Tops

side door container

Side Open Containers

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53' HC Containers

bulker containers

Bulk Containers

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Coal Bin Container

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Refrigerator Containers

Half height containers

Half Height Containers

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20' & 45' Pallet Wide Containers

military containers

Military Storage Containers

Our Products

The cold chain industry in the United States is always in demand. Tradecorp has many years of experience providing containers for the cold chain industry. We also provide special containers to meet the high demand for cold chains in the market. 

After 35 Years, Tradecorp Continues To Supply Solutions To Our Global Customers

If you want to lease flat rack, open top containers, side open containers, pallet wide containers, 53' HC containers, half height containers, coal bin, bulker, reefer, and military containers, then Tradecorp is the right company for you. Tradecorp is a specialist company that has been leasing and selling various containerized products for over than 35 years, such as new & used shipping containers, refrigerated containers, general-purpose containers, offshore DNV containers, and open-top containers, flat rack containers, bulkers, tank containers, etc. Contact Tradecorp if you require a quality flat racks, open tops, side open containers, pallet wide containers, 53' HC containers, half height containers, coal bin, bulker, reefer, and military containers.